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From March 1998
Number 38

Main News

During November and December we were absolutely inundated with requests to rehome various pets. Needless to say, it was impossible to help everyone. Anyone who has visited the Sanctuary will know that we rarely have any kennels free. This is due mainly to the number of unclaimed strays that are passed over to us by Flintshire County Council. Only around 25% of strays are successfully reunited with their owners. This of course would be an easier task if everyone would spend just a small amount of money to ensure their pets were wearing an identity disc. It is a legal requirement to make sure your dog has a disc which includes the owner's address and telephone number. If anyone would like to order a disc from us, we can post discs to you for £1.50 (Many thanks to Steve Millson of ACE TROPHIES for his free engraving services).

Following the appeal in our last newsletter we are delighted to say that both Colin and Moy have now found new homes. Colin has gone to live in Sandbach after being in the rescue since January 1997. Moy has gone to Greenfield to live with Pickle, also a former resident, and is settling in well. We wish them both Good Luck.

We are always pleased to hear from ex-residents of the Sanctuary. At our Christmas Open Day we were thrilled to find a home for Barney, an old collie cross. We received a letter from his new Mum with a poem from Barney also a letter from Frankie another ex-resident. These items are included in our Newsletter.

Onto our appeals for this issue. Firstly, we have ELLIE MAY a two year old rough haired terrier cross who has been with us since July 97. She had been rehomed for a short time but it was soon discovered that she had a dislike to men. Her other dislikes include cats and other dogs. Ideally she needs someone with a firm hand and has had experience with Terriers and their traits. Also desperate for a loving home is SHEBA, a small black lab cross collie approximately 3 years old. She is a pretty girl but she is a little nervous with strangers, especially ladies. She will get on with other male dogs but not with female dogs. She really needs to get to know someone before she trusts them.

TOMMY is a male 18 month old small collie cross. He will probably need to live as an outside dog as he is not house-trained. He gets on well with other dogs and doesn't mind cats. He has been rehomed but was returned because of his lack of toilet training.

There are of course, many other dogs who need new homes. In May, MEG, who many of you know celebrates her 3rd anniversary with us! We have tried to home her on numerous occasions but she seems to think this is her home. We also have FARLEY, a collie cross who hates childreri and CHESTER, a lurcher cross who is a perfect family dog. Both have been in since September 97. We also need a special home for an old terrier cross, who is nearly blind. He hardly has any teeth but is a sweet old chap.

SAM is a male 5 yr old collie cross spaniel. He was with us before and rehomed after a long stay at the Sanctuary. A retired couple adopted him and he was very settled with them but sadly they both died and Sam came back to us. He has now been with us for four months but he does not like kennel life. The noise upsets him and he chases his tail to such a degree that to prevent him injuring himself he had to wear a lampshade collar. We have now moved him temporarily to one of the kennels in our surgery where it is a little quieter. He is totally different when in a home so if you think you could help him or any of the other dogs please contact us.

Sometimes, especially during the last three months it is so depressing when we are so quiet, watching these dogs spend another day, which become a week then a month just waiting for someone to stop and say "I'd like that one". Although we try our hardest to spend as much time with each animal as we can, it is impossible to give them a normal life. We are very grateful for all the help we can get from volunteers who walk and groom dogs and cuddle frightened cats. If you could spare a small amount of time, then please contact us. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, children under 15 years who wish to help must be accompanied by an adult as we do not have enough staff to supervise them.

Over the Christmas period we had many people donating food, we were amazed by the number of tins we received. The dogs and cats, as usual, had a special Christmas Day dinner and lots of treats, thanks to all the generous donations. Most of the food has now been used but, as usual, we would be very grateful for any more. We would also like to thank PET SAVE in Denbigh, FLINT PET SHOP and PETSMART for allowing us to have food collection bins in their shops and to all those members of the public who regularly put tins in these bins, it is very much appreciated.

CATS On the cat side, we have managed to home a lot of the adult cats that have been with us for a long time, but no doubt as soon as the kitten season starts, we will be full again. We have in fact just taken in our first litter this year, a mum and her 2 day old babies.

RABBITS We have had many rabbits brought in over the winter. We have 15 rabbit runs but at the moment there are over 27 rabbits in the Sanctuary. If anyone has any hutches in good condition that are no longer used, we would be very grateful for them.


On Sunday, myself and my partner visited your rescue centre. We had visited the Sunday market, and after reading about your Open Day, decided to call in on our way home with a few Christmas goodies for the dogs. I was hoping to find a rabbit as we have recently lost ours. We did find a `bunny' along with his guinea pig pal. We then intended to deliver the treats to the dogs before heading for home.

The first dog I saw as I entered the kennels was `Barney'. I went over to say hello, and as I got closer I realised he was an elderly dog and when I read the label on the pen, I couldn't stop the tears.

I went to see the other dogs but my thoughts stayed with Barney. I was touched by the stories of the other dogs, but was angry that such an old soul could be abandoned to an uncertain fate at his time of life. Before going for a cup of tea, we went back to Barney's pen. I had saved him a packet of chocolate bones and popped them in his stocking before reaching down to pat him. Barney looked straight at me and licked my hand, and the tears started again. I knew in my heart that I had to take him home but was wondering how to broach the subject with Duncan. We already have seven dogs aged from 15 years to 7 months, and had agreed not to have anymore for the time being. While we sat at the picnic benches I was planning what to say, all the reasons why we should take Barney. Eventually Duncan said we should collect the rabbit and guinea pig and go home.

All my carefully planned speeches went out of the window. I grabbed his arm and said "Please can we give the old boy a chance?" Without hesitation Duncan said "We'll ask if we can take hiin". Later at home I discovered Duncan had been wondering how to ask me if we could take Barney.

Barney has settled in, no problem at all, and it feels like he belnngs here. He has made friends with our other dogs, but spends most of his time with Annie, our old girl. They lie quietly together in the warm, on the rugs in the living room. He has a quiet walk with her everyday, which he thoroughly enjoys.

In such a short time Barney has captured hoth our hearts, we love him to bits! He is a perfect gent, no trouble at all! I only hope the people who did this to him can live with their actions. I can't think of worse things to do to such a gentle old soul.

For whatever time Barney has left we~ guarantee it will be spent quietly and peacefully, filled with comfort and love. No more than our `old bear deserves.

Smudge (the rabbit) and Dougal (the guinea pig) have also settled in well. Thank you for letting us have Barney, he is now where he belongs...home!


Easter Monday
13 April


OPEN DAY WITH RABBIT AND GUINEA PIG SHOW at Maes Gwyn Sanctuary from 1 1 a.m. - 4 p.m.
The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Show will start at approx. 2p.m. There will be stalls and refreshments plus a Bring and Buy Cake Stall. A short General Meeting will be held at 3.30 p.m.

3rd May

PET BLESSING SERVICE AT GORSEDD, NR. HOLYWELL at 3 p.m.. All domestic animals are welcome to attend.

9th May

SPONSORED WALK ALONG THE OLD RAILWAY LINE AT PRESTATYN This year we have decided to hold our sponsored dog walk during National Pet Week. It will start at the Market Car Park in Prestatyn from 1la.m.. There will be various stages so that walkers can decide how far they and their dog would like to walk.
Sponsor Forms are available from the Sanctuary. Please Phone 01745 560361
Please try and support us, the route is very safe and does not cross any roads.

14th June

OPEN DAY WITH CAT THEME at Maes Gwyn Sanctuary from lla.m. - 4p.m.. Stalls and refreshments will be available as usual and there will be a short General meeting at 3.30p.m

4th July


EXEMPTION DOG SHOW at Maesgwyn Sanctuary.
This year we are holding 3 Obedience Classes, "Starters","Hopefuls" and "Clever Clogs" as well as the usual Pedigree and Novelty Classes.
Entries will be taken from l0a.m. and the judging begins at 11 a.m. with the Pedigree and Obedience.
There will be a Display of Dog Training by Harry Grayston and his pupils who train at the Sanctuary each Sunday morning.
The rosettes are being kindly donated by St. David's Dog Training Club.
All classes cost 50p and there will be obedience lessons given during the day. Schedules are available from the Sanctuary TeI.No. 01745 560361

6th September

DOG FUN DAY WITH EXEMPTION DOG SHOW at Greenfield Heritage Park.